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Every yoga practice, every kata or posture in martial arts, but also in reiki is carefully nurtured and brought into a special state of naturalness that, in the very beginning, we could never understand or accept as natural. Have you ever associated your Reiki practice with the nature of the right posture?

Our way of life, movement, sitting in front of computers or TVs, made us a little bit deformed over time and adapted to such a deformed state as normal.

Years later, we realize through pain that something is still wrong, and we want to get into the right state, which at this stage is again accompanied by painful transformations from stunted to correct. Just like when a surgeon adjusts a wrongly healed bone through the destruction of an existing irregular structure - these are the processes that bring regularity through correction.

And many people, even at the thought of just such pain, will give up in advance. They prefer that nothing hurts and will remain in a stunted edition rather than going through the ordeals of pain and correction.

But it all deeply subconsciously affects and programs our patterns of behavior as well. We slowly refuse to keep ourselves upright as well in our minds, and for years we tolerate everything in our lives without the desire and strength for change, which is again painful.

This is how we collect layers of mental dust. The mental layers that cover our light, desires, and essences in blind obedience and acceptance of an easier, faster, painless path.

But we are still in a deformed position, which does not bring the possibility of healthy action, healthy thoughts, and healthy changes. Sometimes, changes are not even possible here because they are initially associated with the concept of pain in change and, as such, are immediately discarded.

Reiki teaches several positions that allow us a healthy flow of energy. Both through breathing exercises, meditation, and in the practice through self-treatment or positions in which others do the treatment. I don’t even have to mention that if you answered negatively to my introductory question about linking your Reiki practice to the nature of the correct posture, you couldn’t even know the importance of the posture itself. But think. And unfortunately, this is not the only thing that is overlooked when it comes to reiki.

With the correct positions of our body, we are reminded and corrected to a clean flow position, which greatly enhances the success of the therapies themselves.

On the other hand, as we adapted to a stunted state, we are now slowly receiving through our reiki practice the much-needed correction and positive transformation into a healthy state - body and spirit.

Our practice of acting in reiki with traditional Japanese techniques makes us work in parallel on multiple levels. On energy, mental, physical. It is the harmony of our main elements, and as such harmony, we are enabled to find in Reiki practice everything necessary to correct and achieve the correct state.

Gokai practice makes our mental attitude strong. In our decisions, in focus, with the daily reminder that we are the creators of our lives.

Reiki treatments allow us to maintain a complete energy picture and flow without blockages. At the same time, meditative practice and breathing exercises return us to awareness of our body, actions, and direction.

Since we act in this way through many of our bodies, the pain that occurs in the changes from the deformed is not present for a long time, and under the influence of reiki, it disappears quickly, and we approach our practice even more strongly motivate.

And our practice has never been completely doable, to carry only the right position. We set ourselves up in a healthy, logical, and appropriate way to do exactly what we want to achieve, exactly what we are just doing.

And it will all start with a correction. Just now.

Close your eyes, take the right position, feel a different energy. Correct your position, and so, correct your life.

About our teacher

Danijel Salijević

Danijel Salijević, international reiki master teacher of Usui and Karuna Ryu reiki system, founder of Reiki Dojo Center. He has been practicing Reiki professionally for 15 years, and in his work, humanity, accessibility, and knowledge transfer are my main characteristics.

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