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Quite a different place of learning, from all the places, that you have met so far.
Innovative and modern methods of teaching Reiki through a lot of free content allow you to easily learn, upgrade or repeat already acquired knowledge.
Our recognizable style will delight you and very soon it will be clear to you why we are at the very top of the quality of teaching

Learn reiki with Daniel

I invite you to learn Reiki through simple and easy courses, live or remotely.
Learn in person with teacher Daniel himself.

Reiki treatment

Through reiki treatments, restore the state of health, integrity and success.
Reiki works in all important fields of life, and the Reiki treatment is pleasant and gentle. Whether you receive treatment live or distance.


When in life you feel the need for advice, guidance, signpost and mentor, with a completely personalized approach to exactly what you need most.

Learn how to...

In this short guide. learn how to receive a distance reiki treatment.

Every week we are performing gift distance reiki treatments.

Reiki Dojo Kai 2021

Reiki Dojo Autumn Retreat

Three days of live socializing, in great energy and atmosphere, with learning of original Japanese reiki methods in the beautiful surroundings of the Sveti Martin spa.

Reiki majstor učitelj - mentor - predavač

Hi , I am Danijel

I am a teacher of Karuna Ryu reiki and Usui reiki system,
lecturer, mentor, author,
founder of the Reiki Dojo Center,
your life companion, dedicated to help people finding an easier, more successful, and happier path.

Every yoga practice, every kata or posture in martial arts, also in reiki, in the very beginning, is carefully nurtured and brought into a special state of naturalness that we could never understand or accept as natural.

Today we will talk about one of the greatest reiki myths that exist. Perhaps even one of the 3rd biggest myths that exist is that we have to believe to receive reiki treatment.

Persistent questions, after the distance reiki treatment you receive end, start with: “Is this normal?”

All our great teachers will be always live and respected in our memories

What is reiki

An energetic and accessible self-help technique. You will learn this technique very easily and quickly without the need for any prior knowledge.

What is Karuna Ryu reiki

This is a step further in the life of every reiki practitioner or therapist - an upgrade to the classic Usui reiki system with new knowledge and insights.

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