What is Reiki

"What is reiki?", And "Can I learn reiki?" Your most frequently asked questions related to this topic,

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So, what is reiki

Reiki is a technique that uses universal life energy (rei-ki). Its healing effect promotes faster recovery from illness, removes stress and tension, deeply relaxes, and restores the recipient's mental and emotional peace and harmony.

For who is reiki for?

The technique is especially suitable in moments of need for personal change or personal development. It is a very gentle technique and does not require personal sacrifices, belonging to someone or something, or believing in the success of the treatment. Therefore, it works also extremely successfully in the treatment of plants and animals, energizing food and drink, living space, etc.

Reiki is an ideal preventive technique that does not require anything special from you, except your own hands and twenty minutes of your time, to do the Reiki treatment.

Who can learn reiki?

Reiki is a skill that can be learned by any person regardless of age. It is not exclusive and is not destined for "chosen" individuals.

However, it is necessary to take a reiki course that is taught live or at a distance from a specialized reiki master teacher. Once learned, this skill is usable as a lifelong technique.

What it takes to learn reiki

To learn reiki, you need to complete a short (one-day) course with a qualified reiki master teacher. Although today there are many places where one can learn and upgrade knowledge about Reiki, through books or the Internet, but Reiki can never be practiced without the received attunement by a Reiki master teacher.

Reiki has always been known in certain forms, as energy. Depending on the cultures of the people who use it under themselves more understandable, sometimes local, names. Our ability to use reiki energy has atrophied due to our priorities, and we have been deprived of this ability for generations.

But after years of research and study, Mikao Usui rediscovered back in 1922 a way to use and very easily transfer this ability and knowledge. So reiki was re-discovered in Japan and since then it has been used by millions of people around the world while many base their professional work and activities on working with reiki

What is reiki is a very extensive topic for such a simple question. I invite you to learn, study on these pages as well, and in any case do not forget that it is better to ask than to assume.

That's why I'm here - that you have me to ask.

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  • Reiki is a technique that is learned and practiced and through experience and practice it leads you to mastery. With reiki you have the opportunity to act more effectively in achieving health, happiness, acceptance of yourself and life and achieving your goals
  • Reiki, working with reiki and reiki treatments are not a substitute for medical help and therapy prescribed by a doctor. They can complement it and make it even more effective, but they do not replace the help and instructions of your doctor. Any change in prescribed therapy comes exclusively from your doctor