Stretch before the reiki treatment

Autor: Danijel Salijević

31 ožujka, 2024

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Stretching the body is an optimal step in preparation for a Reiki treatment that can significantly facilitate the work of the Reiki treatment. As you know, during a Reiki treatment, we often take different physical positions that are not normal for our body. These positions can pressure certain parts of the body, increasing the risk of discomfort or even injury. To avoid this, remembering to exercise becomes something we should include in our routine.

Why exercise?

Stretching promotes blood circulation in the body, enables better flexibility, and prevents pain or stiffness during the treatment. Also, by physically preparing the body, we mentally prepare for the treatment, establish internal balance, and open space for a stronger and cleaner transfer of Reiki energy.
Exercising is especially important if we are treating someone else. And even more important, if we do not work on the treatment table but through "what we have" - couches, chairs, and even kneeling on the floor

Stretching of critical parts of the body

1. At the beginning, stretch your shoulders and elbows to ensure greater mobility and reduce the pressure that can accumulate during the treatment.
2. Stretching the hips is especially important, as standing or sitting for long periods can cause tightness. Crouched positions are also common, especially if you are not working on a treatment table
3. We must not forget about the neck and head, which are often forgotten but extremely important for releasing tension.

Through these simple stretching activities, we increase the effectiveness of the treatment and the general well-being, making the Reiki treatment even more fulfilling and beneficial.

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