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Today we will talk about one of the greatest reiki myths that exist. Perhaps even one of the 3rd biggest myths that exist is that we have to believe to receive reiki treatment.

Of course, some religious aspects are automatically linked to the story of belief. We all know that reiki has nothing to do with religious aspects, but that reiki can stimulate our personal spiritual growth to work better on our own spirituality.

This does not mean, however, that reiki is spirituality itself. Whether your spirituality is tied to some spiritual, meditative, or religious practice is your purely personal thing, and we should not go into that.

 When we talk about the effectiveness of reiki, people say, if you don’t believe, it won’t work for you, or they say, I believe, and then in that faith, the person actually lets me know that it just opened up.

Namely, being open to receiving Reiki treatment and believing in something are two completely different things, and you really don't have to believe in Reiki today for it to work or for Reiki to work. If faith is needed, you would be expected to be in a specific mental state, which you need to prepare. In essence, you know that you can come to reiki treatment without ever hearing about it and thus successfully receive reiki treatment.

On the other hand, if this were accurate information, to have to believe in reiki that Reiki works, how to explain that reiki works extremely well in the recovery of plants and animals.

Animals have something called not faith but trust. And trusting someone is a completely different attitude, so try to think a little about the difference between faith and trust. Trust when it exists, then you open up and allow the person around you or something around you to influence you, to act on you, to be with you. Confidence.

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But trust is also needed.

That is why Reiki therapists should be trusted with their reputation, approach, work, and way of working.

Therefore, often after a reiki treatment, you stay in that conversation for those ten to fifteen minutes because you feel you can confide in your therapist.

Trust is what you need when you start receiving reiki treatment because trust will do one important thing; it will put you in a position to open up to receiving the treatment, and when you open up, then you have released the brakes, you have released the blockages that people normally wear, and you have increased the flow and effect of the reiki treatment itself.

Today, we cannot even do Reiki for someone, for example, through remote treatment, without knowing how to receive treatment precisely because that person did not open himself up to receive treatment. And someone may even persuade you to receive treatment, and if you accept it just enough to get rid of that person, you are not in that state of openness, so you will neither feel, nor receive, nor witness the results and effects of Reiki.

Faith is something that is your personal choice, and people shouldn’t even talk about it. Reiki affects an energy level that has nothing to do with your mental state, with your perceptions of the world, God, religion, or faith.

So Reiki is a pure energy technique that affects your energy, and what you will do with that energy in life, good or bad, to yourself or others, is solely your choices and your settings.

Therefore, to receive a quality reiki treatment, you need to open up to receiving the treatment, lower some blockages and brakes, and allow yourself to be better.

Sometimes I am asked, "Is it a problem if we fall asleep during a reiki treatment?".

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Not a problem. On the contrary. When you are asleep, you are in a state where you have no conscious brakes and blockages, and you will receive a much nicer and deeper reiki treatment. No problem at all if you fall asleep.

The problem is if we are hypocritical in life and if we want to be better, we keep a fig in our pocket.

That is why sometimes people do not feel the treatment because they did not open up properly to receive it at someone's urging or may not be ready, at that stage in their life, for some changes that should be made with Reiki treatment. They are blocked what then prevents them from receiving quality reiki treatment.

So today, we were talking about a myth that says we have to believe in reiki to actually help us with reiki, which you now know is really just a myth, and that rule doesn’t exist and isn’t true.

About our teacher

Danijel Salijević

Danijel Salijević, international reiki master teacher of Usui and Karuna Ryu reiki system, founder of Reiki Dojo Center. He has been practicing Reiki professionally for 15 years, and in his work, humanity, accessibility, and knowledge transfer are my main characteristics.

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