To receive distance reiki treatment, you are not expected to have any special cooperation, and you do NOT need a connection via Skype, phone, or Viber.

    Sit comfortably, and if you can receive the treatment, close your eyes and lie down.During the treatment, do not cross your arms or legs so that the reiki energy can flow freely through your body. After the treatment, it is advisable to drink a glass of plain water.The duration of the treatment is approximately 20-30 minutes.
A relaxed atmosphere with a lighted candle, a scented stick and light, and relaxing music would be perfect, but it is not necessary.

    After treatment, people happen to experience a coldIf this is the case with you, just warm-up and wait for about 10 minutes. This returns your body to normal functionality after the body's vibration has been raised during the treatment.Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything during the treatment. Sensations like heat, cold, tingling through the body, or images and colors in front of the eyes, are sometimes present but are not prerequisites for successfully receiving distance reiki treatment.

    Applications for free treatments are accepted EXCLUSIVELY and only on the day of treatment. We are not able to register and accept all other applications.You can request treatment through the announcement of free treatments. Your first and last name and location are required in the comment. If your name is not the same as the profile, the treatment will not work for nicknames and the like. If you are reporting a third party to such treatments, that person must also give their consent to receive the treatment (consent can also be given to you from the receiver), and we need the same information for them.

We may already be bothering you by asking you to inform the people you are applying for treatment and ask them for their consent. Without it, people will not be able to receive treatment at all.

Therefore, remember the consent of every adult and the mentally stable person you are applying for is required.


About teacher

Danijel Salijević

Danijel Salijević, international reiki master teacher of Usui and Karuna Ryu reiki system, founder of Reiki Dojo Center. He has been practicing Reiki professionally for 15 years, and in his work, humanity, accessibility, and knowledge transfer are my main characteristics.

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