How can you learn reiki

Step no. 1: Find a teacher

Finding a person to guide you, who will be your ally and a person you trust is the first and most important step.

Your reiki master teacher must have the knowledge, vocation and abilities, but also the conditions to guide and teach you and thus become a person of your greatest confidence.

A person who knows, sees, understands, does not judge and helps you to be even better and better.

Both in reiki and in other segments of your life.

Osoba koja zna, vidi, razumije, ne sudi i pomaže da budete još bolji i bolje.

Kako u reikiju, tako i u drugim segmentima vašega života

Step no. 2:  Book a date

Choose or arrange an appointment when you would like to learn reiki. This step is mostly up to you. You can learn live or distance.

Reiki is taught through a course in one afternoon and all that is needed in the beginning is to arrange an appointment and inquire about possible preparatory actions for the desired course before the start.

Step No. 3: Reiki Class

Learning Reiki itself is easy, interesting and involves receiving reiki attunement in Reiki and basic knowledge of the first level of Reiki.

After receiving the alignment you are physically trained to work with reiki energies.

The course is followed by personal work and additional independent learning under the careful supervision of the teacher.

We learn all our lives, but the path of learning is something to remember and it is important that it is a pleasant experience.

Ways of learning reiki

Reiki is learned live or remotely, individually or through group courses.

In my school, I successfully do courses, both remotely and live, and each aspect of schooling can be individually adapted and arranged.

Today, within the Reiki Dojo Center, you have the opportunity to learn even after Reiki courses, no matter where you did the course through the available advanced Reiki modules or our Reiki Dojo Training Center.

Also, once a year we hold three-day advanced workshops and socializing through the traditional Reiki Dojo Kai retreat.

Diplomas and certificates

Every course participant in my school also receives an internationally recognized certificate.

With a certificate from my school, you can access various Reiki associations, organizations such as HUPED, IARP ect. , and in some countries exercise the right to private practice through the Reiki system of healing in accordance with the laws and generally accepted practice.

Danijel Salijević is ... 

...longtime international reiki master teacher Karuna Ryu and classical Usui reiki system.
Founder of the Reiki Dojo Center, the first project of learning Reiki (Reiki Dojo Training Center) for students after making Reiki courses, with the principle of working through 45-minute school hours.
Today, with more than 650 students, he approaches Reiki professionally through daily work and teaching worldwide - live through guest appearances or online through web classes.