Hi, I'm Daniel

I am a teacher of Karuna Ryu and the Usui reiki system,
mentor, author,
founder of the Reiki Dojo Center,
life companion
dedicated to helping people to find an easier,

more successful and happier life (path).

Let me introduce myself

Teacher, mentor, author

Today I am sure that in my soul I am a person who leads and teaches.
Not only because I have somehow always been in this action, but a journey like this truly makes me happy and joyful.

Through my work I teach personally through conversations, through my workshops and lectures but also through my books, videos and podcasts.

Reiki Master teacher

I have been practicing Reiki professionally for more than fifteen years, and in my work, humanity, accessibility, and knowledge transfer are my main characteristics.

I believe that I teach in a clear, simple, and understandable way, and many participants in my courses and my lectures and workshops that I hold throughout Europe can confirm the truth of what has been said.

I teach Reiki live but also at a distance and I invest all my free time in creating content that will help you learn and grow on a daily basis.

This is how some of my books on reiki and personal growth came about. "Reiki 1- Light Bearers" is a practical guide to Reiki, "Reiki in Your Life" is a paperback edition of the basics of Reiki while "Learning of one Shihan" is an online booklet containing a collection of my sayings and instructive sketches intended to encourage the reader to think and inner cognitions through reflection.

I carry the title of Shihan, which means I am also a teacher of teacher. This means that many students have reached the master's degree and (or) that as masters they have started learning under my guidance.

Learn reiki with me

If you want to learn Reiki yourself, I invite you to contact me with confidence.

With the above, you see for yourself that I take my vocation and path as a teacher seriously and that I enable you to learn at every step, in different forms, but with a single purpose - to grow in knowledge, understanding, happiness, and success.

I hug you with my heart, and look forward to seeing you in my large family of Reiki Dojo students, which today has more than 750 students.

Receive reiki treatments

Reiki is a technique that transfers universal life energy to the recipient and allows him to restore a state of health, strength, and success. Reiki is applicable in the health field, in the business field, on the physical, emotional, and mental levels where it brings integrity and stability.
Through therapies that include 25-minute reiki treatments, I use my many years of acquired knowledge to bring you closer to your goal, health, and happiness.