Reach for your inner strength

Razgovorom do snage

Three main segments guide me through working with people:

  1. Humanity
  2. Patience
  3. Understanding

Through my work I do not judge who you are, where you are from or what you are like. My goal and focus is in WHAT YOU WANT TO BECOME.

How to get an answer?

Private consultations
1 on 1 conversation at the agreed time

Group consultations
Family consultations - counseling for couples or family members

Master program
A special master program includes consultations that guide you through a program tailored to you individually


We can arrange consultations live, by phone call, via Skype, Facebook call, via chat messages or via email correspondence. On english, best way is to send email your request.

Danijel Salijević is ... 

... long-time international reiki master teacher Karuna Ryu and classical Usui reiki system.

With more than 650 students by the beginning of 2021, Reiki is approached professionally through daily work and teaching worldwide - live through guest appearances or online.

Ask in groups

In our official Reiki Dojo Facebook group you can ask your questions and our members, therapists or teachers will answer them.

Also, through our publications, find a guide to the desired information if your interest is of a general nature.