Abnormal experiences


Persistent questions, after the distance reiki treatment you receive end, start with: "Is this normal?"

Don't worry, everything that you have been experienced is more or less expected.

We have already talked about the reiki wind. A sudden cold occurs after a reiki treatment. This is due to a change in the height of our vibration where we are experiencing a different, higher vibration, such as deep sleep, but in awake state.

You may remember when someone woke you up without you falling asleep. The same coldness occurred. It disappears when we recapture the rhythm of the worldly, and until then, it is best to reach for some blanket.

Sometimes during the treatment, you feel heaviness or tingling, the bowel singing like when you are hungry, then the cold and heat alternately. Sometimes there is a slight breeze, and sometimes in some situations, pain in the middle of the forehead. Tickling in places that have been injured or some other sensations are also a normal occurrence.

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If your treatments are regularly more uncomfortable or painful, tell your therapist. If he is experienced, he can, and he knows how to avoid those pains. There is really no need to suffer. Even every pain or image means that a person with experience knows how to interpret for you. It all depends on how sensitive someone is.

Some people do not feel or do not see anything. And again, this is completely normal and is not a sign that nothing is happening or that you are not receiving reiki. On another side, some people see colors, pictures, etc. Some dream badly and have a nightmare, and this way, they release bad things that would happen in real life, and in that way, they do these kinds of lessons in their dreams and avoid them in reality. But with the learned lesson.

Believe me. It is a very great blessing to have embarrassing situations, emotions, and losses in your dreams. In addition to healing itself, this is perhaps one of the greatest blessings that reiki can give us.

There are hundreds of human stories, and none of them are the same - maybe just similar. So, testify your sensation, share them with your therapist, and learn from them. There is always some message for you.

And? What are your experiences?

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About our teacher

Danijel Salijević

Danijel Salijević, international reiki master teacher of Usui and Karuna Ryu reiki system, founder of Reiki Dojo Center. He has been practicing Reiki professionally for 15 years, and in his work, humanity, accessibility, and knowledge transfer are my main characteristics.

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